Olives Sacred Lagoon and Xestoso Bogs

Olives Sacred Lagoon and Xestoso Bogs are wetlands protected of mountain. They are situated about some 700 metres above sea level. Olives Sacred lagon constitutes a section of the Brañas de Xestoso (Xestoso Bogs), a space protected by the Natura Network.

About the vegetation, it is a broad bushy area with wet meadows with interesting bogs. The existing fauna is formed by a varied representation of amphibians and reptiles. You can also find eaglets, falcons, white eagles and seedeaters; besides mammals such as foxes and wolves.

There are legends referring to a battle against the Moors, in which there were many dead that were deposited in the lagoon, with a wall being built immediately afterwards so that it was not profaned. The lagoon has a seasonal character, being dry during the summer.

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