A Estrada lies between two major rivers flowing into the Arousa estuary: the Ulla and the Umia. The Ulla runs east-west across the northern side of the district and is one of the mightiest rives in Galicia with two tributaries: the Liñares, which in turn receives waters from the Curantes; and the Vea, that springs from its source on Mount Xesteiras. Finally, the Umia runs along the southern side through the parishes of Liripio, Ribela, Codeseda, Arca and Souto.

The presence of these rivers and their tributaries makes A Estrada an exceptional area for river fishing, with 7 dedicated angling sites. Three are for salmon and trout in Ximonde, Sinde and Couso, also known as Xirimbao; another three are for trout or catchand- release fishing in O Souto de Vea, Ponteliñares and Rubin; and, finally, a private site where the river Umia passes through Codeseda and two sections for catch-and-release fishing on the Ribela bridge and in A Paradola.

The Salmon fishing

Fishing for salmon, fish qualified because of its strength and singularity as the “King of the river”, is one of the main challenges of the sport practice in river waters. It takes place in great beauty areas and requires a high control and knowledge of the waters.

A Estrada has the highest number of restricted fishing area in Galicia: Sinde, Couso (O Xirimbao) and Ximonde.

The fishing season of salmon is between May 1 and July 31, or until the maximum quota is reached.

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