PR-G 197 Codeseda – Rapa das Bestas route

The PR-G 197 is a circular trail, 30.3 km long, that runs mainly through the parishes of San Xurxo de Codeseda and San Lourenzo de Sabucedo within the municipal boundaries of A Estrada.

The distances between the two villages are 13 and 17 km, which means that the route can be conveniently split in two stages.

You will see numerous objects of interest along the trail, including several archaeological sites dating back to prehistoric times, as well as monasteries and medieval causeways, several churches, granaries, bridges and modern-day mills.

A prominent feature throughout is the diversity of the landscape, with low-lying river basins with natural forests and medium-height mountain areas that are the habitat of the wild horses that feature in the Rapa das Bestas festivities in Sabucedo.

As far as accommodation is concerned, there is a hostel in Sabucedo and several holiday cottages in Codeseda.

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